With over 18 years experience in PPC and backed by our Official Google Partner award, Nootro Brands’ biddable media team combine PPC, Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategies that increase brand exposure, sales and leads.

Google & Microsoft Ads

Having accumulated more than two decades of experience in managing Google Ads and successfully executing campaigns for renowned UK brands like Safestyle UK, Selfridges, and Tesco, we are confident that our level of service is unmatched.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Using Audience Insights our expert in biddable media enable businesses to reach new audiences based on their demographics, interests and browsing history. By using engaging banners designed by our team we can target a wider reach of potential customers and in turn more conversions. Programmatic Display Advertising is available for all budgets, small and large.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping can be a lucrative revenue stream, reaching potential buyers ready to make a purchase. Effective micromanagement of Google Ads Shopping is crucial for maximizing results. With our experienced team of Google Shopping specialists at Nootro Brands, we have worked on major brand campaigns worldwide. Benefit from our expertise and data, whether you’re an established brand or a start-up.

Re-engage with your audience

Re-marketing campaigns are a hugely powerful tool for advertisers and one of the simplest ways to keep your products and brand in the thoughts of potential customers that have already visited your website and shown interest in your products or service. Letting visitors leave after their first visit without a sale is a wasted click/cost. Our team at Nootro Brands can help by creating targeted re-marketing campaigns that are proven to increase conversions and sales.

Paid Social, Youtube & Video

Paid Social is essential; however, it is very competitive. Reaching potential customers is paramount and Paid Social can hit your ideal customer at any time. Targeting impulse buyers, with the right product at the right time of day can lead to huge conversions rates and sales. Taking a strategic approach and layering your audiences alongside impressive creatives, paid social must be of paramount importance when creating a paid media strategy and can help you hit optimal conversions and ROI.

Connecting with potential customers is essential and video content can be a very powerful tool, whether it’s humorous, emotive, or just by telling a story. Getting your message in front of people at the right time is essential. Our creative team can offer advice, creative planning and video creation that will help you to deliver your message.